10 hottest IT news of the outgoing year: the year 2016 was remembered by programmers

10 hottest IT news of the outgoing year: the year 2016 was remembered by programmers
2016 in the world of development has changed just about in every way possible. How we live, think, dream and love. Let’s remember the hottest news of the outgoing year and what we remember most. At least until the robot rebellion happened and we have such an opportunity.

  1. The hacker team received $ 22,000 for close attention to PornHub
  2. They hacked into Pornhub and earned $ 22,000 on it. They got money for discovering two use-after-free vulnerabilities in PHP and proving that they can be used for real attacks.

  3. Durov’s opinion about the redesign of VKontakte and the developers’ response
  4. A good excuse to recall our first reaction to the new design of the social network and compare it with the current attitude towards it. Just about everything that is not done is really for the better!

  5. How to learn how to develop games, A developer with 20 years of experience has published a detailed flowchart
  6. The guide lists the main areas of programming related to the game. The study of each next skill is based on the knowledge gained in the previous stages. For example, before you start programming game engines you need to learn how to program games also learn math in the required volume at a basic level to study the area of Computer Science. In several stages master basic programming languages ​​and perform several other steps.

  7. The bug in iOS leads to turning the iPhone into a “brick” when setting the date to January 1, 1970
  8. The phone stops loading and actually hangs on the Apple logo display. In this case, the focus with the restoration via DFU does not work. You’ll get a message that everything went well but the download will stop again.

  9. TrumpScript was created. A programming language named after Donald Trump
  10. On GitHub appeared the source code of the programming language TrumpScript that’s based on Python which mimics the behavior of Donald Trump. The American businessman and media tycoon as well as the current US president (suddenly).

  11. A record DDoS attacks with a capacity of more than terabit was recorded and conducted by 145,000 surveillance cameras
  12. The attack involved not simple computers. This thread generated all kinds of hacked routers, surveillance cameras and similar things belonging to the Internet of things.

  13. Roskomnadzor has blocked
  14. It turns out that Roskomnadzor in a sense tried to block itself which so many people have been waiting on the Internet for so long.

  15. Artificial intelligence. Google invented its own encryption algorithm and was not able to crack it yourself
  16. Researchers from the Google Brain project have already taught AI how to create but now they have created something even more interesting. They implemented an artificial encryption algorithm that was created independently of man.

  17. GitHub published a system code that will allow you to use the Internet without domains and servers
  18. GitHub has published an interesting project called web2web. It is a web page that downloads content using torrent and blocking technology that can run without central servers or domains.

  19. Linus Torvalds acknowledged that the last release of Linux has undergone a bit of “buggy crap”
  20. In the release of the Linux kernel under the number 4.8 and a serious error was detected. This caused a serious dissatisfaction with Linus Torvalds.

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