Golang: features and specificity

Golang: features and specificity

Golang has appeared in 2007 in order to create robust software. It was created by Google and has its own advantages over other languages. It maintains team security, ability of dynamic data input and has a big standard functions library and such built-in data like massive with dynamic size and associative arrays.
Because of multithreading mechanisms Go makes it much easier to process computational allocation and network distribution. Modern types of data gives the programmer access to work or flexible and with module code. Program compiles rapidly, has a trash collector and supports reflection.
It is a fast, statically typed compiled language. One program, written on Go can have from three to several million lines. Some text editors such as vim support the Golang’s syntax.

Main features

First of all, Golang is a language with static typing. This means that all code is in strict structure which you will have to follow.
It is possible to specify some main features such as:

  • compiled;
  • pointers support;
  • trash collector for memory wipe;
  • support of network protocols’ work;
  • support of multithreading and parallel programming.
  • Along with it some popular instruments were not included deliberately.
    This language is constantly improving so developers are working above new features and abilities. It is possible that with time some instruments of common programming would be included.

    How to work

    In order to write a program on Golang you can use any text editor and special compiler. It’s the easiest way to write a simple code and save your written data in “.go” file format.
    Code writing could be a little bit easier if use special IDE. There is a line of environments that support this language. For example, you can install GoLand or use special plugins supporting Golang for different IDE’s.
    Compiler can be installed from the official site http://golang.org. There are several installers for different operating systems allowing you to write programs under almost any existing OS.

    Why to choose Golang?

    This language is not dedicated to make some breakthrough in programming. It is just based on experience of everyday tasks’ solving. Moreover, Go doesn’t perform some powerful functions, which have other languages such as C++, Java, Python and others. Here are some reasons to give preference to Golang.

    1. Readability. This language provides its own rules of code writing so there is no troubles with different styles of programming. Code written on Go is always easy to read because it has strict rules of style.
    2. Speed. You can easily write simple and fast program for a short period of time. If the Golang program’s performance could be smaller than on C, but the compiler speed is higher for big programs. It is a good compromise for most of projects.
    3. Less mistakes. The most of mistakes appear in unchecked and difficult code. Golang has convient instruments for program testing. Also, strict stylization during compiling stage fix simple errors.

    Summing up, Golang is dedicated to solve three main tasks: create network programs, utilities and back-ends. But some people even write business-logic programs using this language.
    Anyway Golang is a good language for studying because of very strict rules or code syntax. Moreover, it is a good opportunity to write optimized programs that can easily start and rapidly work even on weak hardware.

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