Specificity of MySQL, Advantages and Utilities

Specificity of MySQL, Advantages and Utilities

MySQL is a database server created that allow applications to interact within other databases. This server is based on SQL and extended by some new functions, providing users additional abilities. MySQL is an open source program so you always can change for your current requirements.

Package can be downloaded from official site of the ongoing community project. It’s licensed under GPU conditions and free for non-commercial use. During the Internet boom, MySQL received worldwide recognition. Majority of the websites were powered by databases to display cutting edge technology with dynamic pages. They were bulky, simple and nothing too fancy just the facts. This DBMS showed itself like a quick, easy, stable and secure package. The only one but enough big disadvantage of this variant is its weak

Developers of this package did not stop contributing and over the years little by little adding new functions to the core..Today’s MySQL is highly advanced compared to the original package which appeared many years ago.

Main Advantages

Highlights of working with MySQL:

  1. Speed. Multithreading rules of package’s work result is rapid execution of the processes.
  2. Safety. During the MySQL package installation, it creates a special database containing five tables. Information provided on which tables can be edited as well as a list of available commands. Another useful function is the ability to encrypt passwords via special function.
  3. License. Currently there is no restriction of program usage for non-commercial purposes.
  4. Open source. You can always add all necessary functions in order to complete specific tasks. Moreover, MySQL authors can be hired to assist you with project.. You can request assistance easily via http://www.mysql.com they offer a special form to contact an author.
  5. Reliability. This package is very stable and not very many possibilities to break it down.
  6. Recourses. System runs on just about any standard computer or laptop.
  7. Community. It’s now grown into large and active community that works collectively on the overall improvement of package as well as helping other users. You can subscribe to thematic newsletter or visit different conferences.
  8. Portability. As your project grows as there various sets of versions for almost each existing operational system. You can work on the platform that is the most comfortable for you. You can always change system package and can be easily moved without any data loss.


MySQL package also contains a set of standard utilities, which could be very useful. They also do not have GPU but could be very powerful instrument for work.

  1. MySQLAdmin – it is the main instrument for work with databases. Here you can create, delete and edit any data. Also it is the way of full control under the server.
  2. MySQLDump – it’s main purpose is to backup data.
  3. MySQLAccess – created for work under tables of access roots. You can edit then and receive data in comfortable state.
  4. MySQLBug – a way to check up for errors and receive report. Received data could be send to MySQL developers email in order to solve appeared problems.
  5. MySQLImport – it can easily import your data to database.
  6. MySQLShow – here you can check how looks like structure or database generally and different tables in particular.


Still today, MySQL is a perfect package for working within the Internet. It has a very strong protection, stable working ability and high speed. Those characteristics provide all necessary for comfort and safe work environment you need for your websites data.

Of course, MySQL could be used for managing corporative databases, it’s just not very popular choice. Mostly due to the large number of staff or users creating slower data processing. This DBMS cannot provide necessary functional and comfort in work conditions, so for work under massive databases better chose a little bit more powerful system with bigger functionalities and speed..

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